Sep 21
Ahoy! Avast! n' a how da ya do!
We have Talk Like A Pirate contest winners for you!
The winners be picked, n' prizes be sent.
Redeem'em pronto, want no crown codes to be bent.

Check back with us reg'lar as always more coming to withstand.
More music, more video, more contests are planned.

And for those that are curious, about me on singin on stage.
First two shows under me belt, and yer host Dr. Zeppers was the rage!
I may post some pictures, for all to see.
I aint pullin her leg, and I can stay in key! ;)
Play is "Guys and Dolls", I play the lead role "Sky Masterson".

Ive Never Been In Love Intro
(Dr.Zeppers on left)

Sky and Sarah
(Dr.Zeppers & Leading Lady)

Talk Like A Pirate Raffle Winners - TLAP Bonus Raffle Winners

Happy Plundering me hearties!!!

Dr. Zeppers

written by Dr. Zeppers