Sep 19
In honor of it being officially "Talk Like A Pirate Day" we've been given some special prizes to pass along to all ye hard plundering sky faring Pirates...
As usual, it be my approach to offer 2 different contests fer ye all.
The main contest well, it require just a tad bit O effort. All ye have to do mind ye, is watch the video "Wahoo! Wahoo! Buffaloon poppings for me" and count how many buffaloons are "wahoo'd" by an El Toro companion in the video!!!!

Wahoo! Wahoo! Buffaloon poppings for me!

The bonus contest, everyone be having a chance at just for entering...
Well mateys, I have a play I need to get off to, this pirate has to hit the stage, but i'll be back to pick ye some winners come Sunday morn...

Dr. Zeppers

written by Dr. Zeppers