Aug 18
It be ARRRGUST!!! And we have a song and video ta celebrate, and crowns to give away!!! Here it be mateys!!!!
I hope you enjoy the quick ARRRGust Theme song I cooked up...

As fer the contest...
My usual Silent Sam Stern (aka Dr. Zeppers) double raffle approach is again in play. Simply want a chance to win? Go to entry page, put your name, email and enter the code, and yer in! If ye be a bit more adventurous, watch the video "Arrrgust?" and listen closely and answer the bonus question.

Aye, just one question harRRR!
It be pretty easy actually, but make no mistake! Eh, you'll still be in the main raffle if ye do, but have to get the one question right ta be in the bonus.

Here be some of the contest details:
Arrrgust!!! Crown Raffle
Winners will be drawn from all eligible entries on evening of Friday 8/22/14,
and posted on Saturday 8/23/14.
2 - 1st Prizes - 5000 Crowns
5 - 2nd Prizes - 1,000 Crowns
Anyone can enter, only the following limitations/requirements.
1 entry per VALID email
2 entries per household
(If these should become an issue only the most recent entries will be considered)

Watch the video "Arrrgust?"
Correctly answer the bonus question and be included in a second raffle with the following prizes:
1 - 1st Prize - 10000 Crowns
3 - 2nd Prizes - 5000 Crowns
5 - 3rd Prizes - 1,000 Crowns

written by Dr. Zeppers