Jul 24
Ahoy mateys!
Yes, Dr Zeppers still lives. I know things have been real stagnant, my pirate time has been waning, not enough time in the day. I have kept our beloved Pirate101, and all my great pirate friends and fans close to heart, and always on my mind, just little time to exercise it. One of the pluses on this is that I have accumulated a mass of wonderful treasures (codes) to share with everyone, so keep your eyes open for a new song soon... although it may sound a little like the video I am about so share with you. ;)

Besides that daily job that pays the bills, my spare time has been dealing alot with my involvement in community theater. After Charlie Brown, I was in "The King and I" singing love songs as "Lun Tha" the burmese ambassador. And more recently and requiring ALOT of work, I played the role of "Professor Harold Hill" in "The Music Man". A fast talking traveling salesmen/con artist selling bands to the various communities, selling band instruments, instruction books, and uniforms, then skating out of town with all the money he collected without following through with teaching the kids to play, forming and organizing the band.

Here is a clip of me singing "Trouble" near the start of the show. I am trying to convince the town that they have TROUBLE, in which case in scenes to follow I convince them a band is the way to solve the problem.


I have variation of "Trouble" in pirate form, just seem to be a little snafu'd on video production which is holding things up.
Those Pirate101 treasures have been accumulating, and I want to spread me plunder amongst ye all as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye open for Ole... Dr. Zeppers

written by Dr. Zeppers

Mar 21
Ahoy mateys!
Things have been awefully slow here abouts, as my theater ventures have kept me creative side rather busy.
Recently we wrapped up "Your a Good Man, Charlie Brown", and I had to be Charlie, but it was Snoopy that stole the show. Here is a picture taken of the Psychiatrist scene where Lucy "helps" Charlie. Lucy is played by my dear friend Courtney Romo.

My Charlie shirt was created custom for me by my niece. My niece and nephew run a Tie-dye business and they did a great job. I think they are on break right now (shameless family promo coming) but if you like Tie-Dye, they do some quality work:
EJs Groovy Tuesdays Tie Dye
(Note: they are not affiliated with Kings Isle in any way)
Now I am busy at the theatre doing a concert of various broadway music, which will be closing out tonight. My vocal ranges are starting to reach new heights (woa, im scared of heights).

I hope to have a new Skull Island creation for all again soon, I have prizes to give some lucky pirates along the line (Thanks KI!) , so please keep an eye open for Ole... Dr. Zeppers

written by Dr. Zeppers

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