Skull Island TV Rules

Skull Island TV Rules/Terms of Use

Please report a situation if you believe it to be breaking the rules.
If there is not a report button in the situation of concernt, you may do so through the "Contact Us" form available on the main menu.

Inappropriate Language
Inappropriate language is not tolerated on Skull Island TV, including but not limited to profanity, racial/religious remarks, malicious remarks or other forms of personal attacks, etc. This includes such content in ANY language.

Personal Information
We do not condone the sharing of your personal information here at Skull Island TV.
Do NOT share any personal information such as real name, address, phone number, age, birthday, personal/family pictures, etc.

Advertising & Outside links
Links to external/outside sites are not allowed with the exception of links to content on, or an approved Pirate101 (or Wizard101) official community site. Any posted link is subject to the descretion of Skull Island TV management, and may be removed without notice.

We do not tolerate spamming. Double posting, using capslock, using volumes of unnecessarily large text, excessive smilies are examples of spamming.

Family Accounts
Many households have more than one "Pirate" or "Wizard" in them. ;) We recognize this, we will allow more than one account for each household, but activity on such accounts may be subject to additional scrutiny depending on their "patterns". We do not want anyone creating multiple accounts to cross comment/post, or to take advantage of any contents we may have opportunity to offer.

Disciplinary action/Moderation
Skull Island TV administration and staff have final determination and application of the above rules.
We reserve the right to moderate any content we feel is inappropriate.

If you have any questions, please contact Skull Island TV's administrator via the Contact Us form available from the site menu.

Changes to our Terms of Use
We will update the Terms of Use modification date below, should a change be required.

This policy was last modified on September 4th, 2013